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Top Tier Wealth Management for Successful Physicians


Helping doctors achieve the quality of life they deserve for all of their sacrifices.


Why We Work with Physicians

Why Physicians Work with Us

Second Opinion Service for Physicians

Why do so many doctors choose to work with ClearWealth Advisors?

  • Improvement of their Financial Literacy
  • Investor Behaviour coaching to ensure they avoid the mistakes most doctors make with their money
  • Reduction and elimination of their stress about money so they may gain total confidence in where they are headed financially


As the only independent wealth management firm exclusively for physicians in BC, we help doctors achieve the quality of life they deserve for all of their sacrifices.

Securities products are offered by Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI). Glenn Ayrton and (others) is (are) an agent(s) of ACPI. ACPI is a member of the Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada ( and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (

"I like that [your service] is all encompassing, it's investments, tax issues, wills, estate planning and wealth protection. So all of those components and I don't have to come up with something I don't know. It's all there for me.”

Dr. Michelle Strovski, Urologist at Ridge Meadows Urology

“I like the service you have because it’s very personalized.  It’s custom.  […] You guys seem to have a genuine interest in your clients [and] getting to know them – I feel like I’m chatting to a friend rather than going to a business meeting.”

Dr. Dinesh Samarasekera,


“As a busy physician, I neglected to take good care of my personal
finances, partly due to a lack of time. The team at ClearWealth has
conveniently taken my finances into close consideration and formulated a financial plan that I believe will provide long-term security and most
importantly peace of mind. My only regret is not having them on board
much sooner.”

Dr. Christopher Haji-Pavlou,
Physician at Mainland Medical Clinic

“Glenn and his team made us feel at ease in an area where us doctors
sometimes feel lost. We are very pleased with the professional and
efficient way that they do business. They also really take the time to get
to know us as individuals with our specific goals at heart. We would
highly recommend their services.”

Drs. Augustus and Shani van der Spuy,
Physicians at Omineca Medical Clinic

"Glenn made it really easy, that's the number one thing. Compared to when I speak to my colleagues about their financial plan, they don't really have one. Glenn's financial plan, estate planning and projections were extremely valuable.“

Dr. Carllin Man, General Practitioner at Columbia Square Medical Clinic

“Having Glenn and his team at ClearWealth there to advise us whenever
we need it, give us peace of mind. It frees up our time. We now use this
time to re-invest in what we treasure in life. Thanks for all you help us

Drs. Andre and Minette Erlank,
Physicians at Holley Clinic

“I have been working with Glenn for several years now and he has steered me through some pretty rough waters. Even with the financial markets in turmoil Glenn managed to achieve positive returns on my investments in the 10% range! While many of my colleagues and friends were commenting on how much they had lost during the financial downturn, I was seeing positive results in my portfolio. Glenn has done a fantastic job over the years I have been dealing with him and I highly recommend his services to my colleagues and friends.”

Dr. Paul Newitt,
Director at Skin2 LaserAesthetics & Instructor at CaliforniaCenter of Advanced Dental Asthetics

“I am impressed with the reception and service I continue to receive
from ClearWealth. I think the service is a more personal and
exclusive than MD management, yet with a wealth of knowledge of
the medical fraternity.”

Dr. Anithadevi Moodley,
Neo-Natal/Peri-Natal at Surrey Memorial Hospital

"I've been with Clearwealth for almost 2 years now and there have been no surprises. A personalized service and a financial education have been immensely appreciated throughout the process. Glenn's team is patient, educated, and proactive. I would recommend for any new physician interested in worry free investing." 

Dr. James Saunders,

Head, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver Coastal health

"As a busy specialist physician with little interest in micromanaging my own finances, I appreciate that Glenn and his team took the time right from the start to get to know me and my partner in order to build a personalized and comprehensive financial plan. The team at ClearWealth, during the more than five years that I've been working with them, have gained a thorough understanding of our priorities and goals as well as our financial literacy and attitude toward risk. The result is a custom-tailored plan that leaves me confident that our finances remain on track."

Dr. Gregory Deans,

Infectious Diseases Physician in Fraser Health