Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on both small and large businesses, markets and the economy. 

The Government of Canada have announced the necessary measures to ease the effects on all Canadians and business owners that are a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have highlighted the information below on each of the financial supports available to individuals and businesses, and how to see if you qualify.

1. Overview of Programs Available:
2. Individual Supports:

Employment Insurance (EI) and the COVID-19 Emergency Benefit and How to Access Them:

Federal Income Supplement:

Mortgage Deferral Information:

Bank Policies:

Province of BC Rent Relief:

RRIF Payment Changes:

Student Loan Repayment Relief:

ICBC Payment Support:

Fortis BC Payment Support:

BC Hydro Payment Support:

3. Business Supports:

Wage Subsidy for Employers:

Small Business Loans and How to Access Them:

4. All:

CRA Tax Relief for Individuals, Trusts and Corporations:

Province of BC Financial Supports:

Participating life insurance is a valuable asset that provides the dual purpose of life insurance coverage and also a cash savings element that can be utilized for investment purposes or as a relief measure.

The increased spread of the Coronavirus is causing significant duress and disruption across the globe. Our role is to guide you through this uncertain time. Our office is able to fully operate from home and with the help of our technology, it will be business as usual.

We are ready to assist you and are here to discuss your financial plan or any concerns you may have.

Stay safe!

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