Our Services

  • Customized Financial Planning
  • Estate planning, Wills, Tax Preparation
  • Wealth Management
  • Income protection / Debt Reduction
  • Comprehensive Financial Education
  • Investment Behaviour Coaching

Our Wealth Health Process

Our 6-Step Wealth Health Process ensures we execute maximum efficiency behind the scenes so you enjoy a seamless transition that is precisely curated to your specific needs and goals!

1. Initial Consultation

Meet the Team, allow pertinent information gathering, and exchange an overview of deliverables and expectations.

2. Financial Plan Recommendation

Our initial fact finding will allow us a clear vision of your goals so we can execute our expertise into building you your specific financial plan.

3. Recommendation
Review Call

You've had time to review our suggested plan, did we miss anything? Does anything seem unclear? Lets talk until it is!

4. Mutual Commitment

All parties are in agreeance about our objectives and goals. We can now transition you to the ClearWealth Team.

5. Plan Confirmation

Policies have returned, funds have moved, lets ensure it's aligned with our original goals.

6. Annual Financial

Moving forward, we will perform an annual check-up on your finances to ensure your wealth is in great health!